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My Story...

I was 4 years old. I ran into the room to see my mother with a sharp razor in her hand ready to cut her throat; ready to end her sad and miserable life. I ran up to her as quickly as I could and put my tiny hand between her throat and the blade. The razor sliced through two of my fingers. I passed out from the pain and the shock. I don’t have any pictures of my mother and most of my childhood is a blur but I carry the scars of that life on my hands and in my memory.

I’m here to tell you and anyone who will listen that,



If I were defined by my past I would have died in the sewers of Drezna where I slept as a child during those cold, Russian winters, huddling close to the pipes to keep warm. Or perhaps I would be rotting in jail after entering into a life of crime after learning to pick pockets as a little kid for a few chunks of bread.


Take a moment. Look around. Everyone has a story to tell; a reason why, at one point or another, they could’ve given up. But every day we choose to live is a victory! Every positive choice we make is another WIN! More than that, life is more than just surviving. Life is more than just existing!

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ALL of us deserve to have happiness, security and wealth.
ALL of us deserve to pursue our goals and achieve our dreams.
ALL of us deserve to live a meaningful life full of JOY!

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That’s why I believe in what I like to call the ExecLife. I love the word “executive.” When I hear that word I don’t necessarily think of the guy with a suit and tie in a stuffy office. I think of THE BOSS.


An “executive” owns his life. He doesn’t wait for a handout, he takes charge. He isn’t satisfied with just working for a company, HE OWNS THE COMPANY. He doesn’t sit and wait for things to happen, he TAKES ACTION.


Regardless of what has happened in the past or the baggage you carry, right now you have a choice to make. You can choose to let your past define you or you can take action to create the life you’ve always wanted. There are 3 C's in life: choices, chances and changes. You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change!


My childhood was rough in Russia. But I chose to make it the introduction to a wonderful life where all my dreams came true and not the finale. I chose to live an ExecLife. I hope you will too.